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West of Everything

THE INNER LIFE OF WESTERNS : Interview with Jane Tompkins Editor’s Introduction For a decade or so, I have been looking for a book that could help explain to my students why the Western...

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An Introduction to Mesoamerica

INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL E. SMITH Editor’s Introduction Today, many poor U.S. urban neighborhoods are described as “food deserts” where residents are not even able to purchase fresh meats and vegetables. A majority of the...

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John Ford’s Heirs

A THEORY OF FILM AND EMPIRE John Ford’s Heirs: Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford and the Cycle of Empire Introduction Asked which American directors most appeal to him, Orson Welles answered...

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Regulating Desire

GENDER AND THE LAW Regulating Desire: From the Virtuous Maiden to the Purity Princess Interview with J. Shoshanna Ehrlich (August 2015) by Lindsay M. Geller Editor’s Introduction Every society struggles with managing unruly desires,...

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Worm: The First Digital World War

Editor’s Introduction Robert Citino of the University of North Texas recently wrote of military history that “its academic footprint continues to shrink.” (The American Historical Review, October 2007) While scholarly military history may remain...

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Capture the Moment

A CONVERSATION WITH ERIC BERGERUD THE DYNAMICS OF DEFEAT: The Vietnam War in Hau Nghia Province EDITOR’S INTRODUCTION The Dynamics of Defeat: The Vietnam War in Hau Nghia Province is a book written for...