The Second Death of Latin

3 Responses

  1. Da'Von Perez says:

    Interesting concept that language determines the average intelligence of its native speaker. Since we now understand that and can see how languages are in constant flux, would it be right to assume as the speakers mental capacity grows the language must evolve as well or die such is the case with Latin.

  2. Andre Best says:

    I feel this excerpt reflects on the evolution of culture, not so much the “death” of Latin. Everything becomes obsolete sooner or later. The theatre that Latin was popular in was ever-changing and it’s easy to see how power shifts, rapid expansion, and colonization played major roles in its demise.

  3. Cadet Baker says:

    Latin may have died twice, but it leaves a legacy. The Romance languages today are derived from Latin. You could say that rather than die Latin has evolved into more than it once was.

    Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur