Geometry, Radar and Empire

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  1. Matthew Valenzuela says:

    Today, teenagers can simply go on their phones and get directions to wherever they are trying to go. What they do not realize is how this is made possible. The answer lies in radar. Radar allows us to gather knowledge that we did previously have that help can help us with making future military decisions, whether that be gathering military intelligence or simply figuring how to get to a store across town. I do have a little bit of previous knowledge regarding radar because my father makes parts for military radars and then sells those radars to the military across the country and even companies like Boeing. I even have had the opportunity of working hands-on on these parts and began to gain an understanding of the phrase “military-like precision”. Radar is something that has been used across the world as an incredible tool and resource. Of course, with this type of military technology today, there is bound to be miscommunication that could possibly lead to conflict between countries. What I am curious about is what comes after radar and how will this new idea have an impact on the world?