James Joyce

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  1. D. Heath says:

    This is great interview!! Some statements that I found interesting — “His work is so multi-faceted and complex that it becomes impossible to reduce to any particular school or movement.” Very true, in The Dead not only did James Joyce give a political message but he also was giving a lesson on personal development and conquering internal conflict.
    “his feelings about Ireland’s political situation, shaped him and his art.” – Very true, almost every piece was about Ireland and their struggles. His observations about Ireland will prove useful for years to come.
    “I also find it interesting, though, that Joyce makes clear in “The Dead” that the social paralysis he depicts in Dubliners is not limited to the working classes, but extends to all aspects of Dublin society.” – In the Dead, James Joyce shows us all different types of characters that suffer the same outcome.

  2. Bernard Corpus says:

    While reading this article I skimmed over the interview and focused more on James Joyce and the excerpt. It is rather interesting that he wrote his idea’s on irish nationalism and the imperial British rule and incorporated them within his literary pieces, but never spoke his political views pubically. James Joyce’s ideas are very thought provoking. It intrigued me how he saw that Irelands hunger for conquest into the new world and it’s love for all of it’s commodities would only further entangle Ireland into the imperialistic system of British rule.