Masked Fictions

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  1. Bernard Corpus says:

    This article talks aabout the issues on female writers and the narrative of empires. The article states alot of good points that show the relation of women writers masking their identity and the empire narrative.

    The empire narrative has a lot to do with imperialism; the idea of superior cultures imposing their ideas upon weaker subordinates. Basically the idea of imperialism establishes who’s in charge, who has the power, and who doesn’t.

    So Before English women writers had to mask their idenity in order for their literary works to be taken seriously. An example is the movie casenova, in the movie a female philosopher has to hide her identity and use an old man to pose as a philosopher and submit her work to the local paper. Due to the empire narrative, women were established as powerless and more as objects to boosts a man’s image, rather than being seen as an equal human being capable of intelligence.

  2. Camille Hamilton says:

    This article touches the issues of the differences of how females and males write history and books. It explains how women usually are given small parts in the general story, even when their part is a bigger part than what they make it seem. The male view shows that females are almost invisible in history, whereas when women write they highlight what they have done. This article also emphasis that when women who write they are written off as strong Feminist and are almost dismissed. This is why Feminist are plenty today. This article is very informative and makes the reader think, comparing narravitves written by males to female. The examples used are very true and hit right on point. The questions also make the reader think about the article and apply it to present day as well as in the past. Overall this is a very interesting article.

  3. Shenika Walker says:

    This discusses the sensitive topic of the “woman vs. man” aspect of history. In many historic readings women almost seem obsolete as told by the male perspective. When women write stories of their actions they expand and broaden the story. Any woman who stands out and has a strong feminist voice are usually ignored. This article brings up many of the questions that a lot of people tend to think; women are just as important and valued as men are now we have a strong voice.