Mr. Gatling’s Terrible Marvel

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  1. Nicholas Rigazio says:

    This a fascinating piece. It illustrates everything that the gatling gun represented not only for war but for Americas industrial might. The most interesting part was something I never knew, and that is Abraham Lincoln’s love of guns. You always hear him talked about as a peaceful president brooding over the suffering of his nation in the midst of civil war. I was very interested by the implications of the invention of the Gatling gun and how it made war more impersonal. The Gatling gun was manufactured on an assembly line by unskilled workers then fired by any soldier with little to no training. Yet it gave every man the ability to kill countless others. It was really the beginning of not only machine guns, like the Maxim, but also of modern warfare as we know it.

  2. Laquon Brown says:

    The evolution of guns and weaponry is the bases on winning wars. Who ever has the bigger gun, at least that’s how many Americans see how war is. The creation of the Gatling gun was a huge step into the future of American weaponry. I found it surprising that the creator of one of the most crucial weapons ever created is hardly remembered by people. The creation of the Gatling gun came at the time of the industrial revolution and provided a different out look on innovation to people. Instead of looking at the new cars used people were amazed at the gun that was being used in war now. To know that Abraham Lincoln was a innovator himself and like new creations allowed me to realize that many political leaders look to the newest ideas to achieve support of people and soldiers that are behind them. The creation of the Gatling gun had the same effect as the creation of the 1st atomic bomb. People didn’t know what it was but when it was used it provided a worldwide concern to find means to fight against it.

  3. Jared Knightly says:

    I really liked the way this article was laid out providing unknown facts to me, and giving me a full understanding of how one weapon can change the way we look at things. I know can confidently walk away after reading this article knowing how the Gatling gun operates, and the deadly traits it carries.

  4. Stephen C. Mayone-Paquin says:

    This article is very informative. I found it very useful because of all the facts given and background information on the Gatlin gun.

  5. Cadet Rosen says:

    The Gatling gun. A machine. A piece of precisely placed gears and components. A revolution. Something that changed the world forever. The reaper. A heartless, cold, metal device that brought many men to the quandary of afterlife. The Gatling gun forever changed history and the stories men would tell to describe it.

  6. Carlos Dolby says:

    This excerpt on the invention of the Gatling gun is truly amazing. It’s odd to think of just how profoundly Mr. Gatling changed the world. He created the very first fully functional machine gun. His invention put the power of killing waves upon waves of men in the hands of single man. Then after his design future weapon inventors found ways to improve upon his weapon system. They found ways to make fully automatic weapons lighter, smaller and faster. Eventually after decades of redesigning and editing weapons like the AK-47 and the Browning M1919 were created. These weapons would not be around today if Gatling wouldn’t have started the motion with his terrible marvel.

  7. Jennifer Sprengelmeyer says:

    I love the contradiction proposed in this article. The Gatling Gun has turned from a prideful creation, to something that destroys the idea of individualization. As the individual was growing to become of greater importance in society, the invention of the Gatling Gun disposed of the movement quickly. Within a minute, two hundred shots could be fired, death was now able to be dealt out in mass numbers, no longer would anyone car as to who died in the battle, but how many died in the battle. The individual person does not matter so much in war, they have become overshadowed by the machinery.

  8. Marina Torchia says:

    This was a very interesting and informative article. I learned a lot about the Gatling gun and American warfare.

  9. Maxwell Thomas says:

    I found this article very interesting. It is amazing how one invention can so quickly change everything. It is also incredible to find out that Mr. Lincoln was such an avid tester of weapons. This article has really opened my eyes

  10. Akshay Thevar says:

    I feel that the Gatling gun was an amazing invention for its time period and it changed we fight in combat. It is easier and faster to take the enemy out, which makes it safer for our soldiers.

  11. It is really nice because it shows you the changes that the Gatling gun made after it appears.
    I really enjoyed it

  12. John Kleschick says:

    The Gatling Gun the most devastating invention in the last one-hundred and fifty years was invented by…..who again? Dr. Gatling is overshadowed in history his name long forgotten by most but, his invention will never be forgotten. History only forgets those who inventions who hurt humanity. Gun powder china inventor unknown. The musket fifteen different European countries original inventor unknown. Samuel Colt is the only real exception because he’s praised by America Like the Russians Praise Mr. Kalashnikov.

  13. Phil Scott says:

    I believe this article got it right. It shows how we no longer have to face death. The Gatlin gun was I just the first introduction of mass non personal killing, but look at what it has evolved into now. We have bombs that can take out entire cities, and drones that can destroy anything without ever having to need a person near it. It brings to question if there is a necessary limit to where we will stop.