Praise for the Journal Empire Studies

“Creating valuable academic content and then hiding it behind financial firewalls—the traditional scholarly publishing model—runs counter to the essence of scholarship, learning, and sharing. To see a journal such as the Journal of Empire Studies breaking that mold is exciting.”—Dr. Julian Fisher of Scholarly Exchange

“In a world where subscriptions to some medical journals can cost more than $10,000 a year, publishing enabled by this kind of tool is plugging many academics into research and discourse as never before. [The Journal of Empire Studies is] a strong vehicle for academic freedom.”—John Willinsky, Professor of Education at Stanford University and Director of the Public Knowledge Project

“Open access to peer-reviewed research is as urgent in the humanities and social sciences as it is in the natural sciences. I commend Tom for making the Journal of Empire Studies open-access from birth, and hope that scholars in all the fields overlapping empire studies will see the new journal as a new opportunity for overcoming access barriers to knowledge and research.”—Peter Suber, Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College and Director of the Harvard Open Access Project

Recent Press Releases

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Tom Durwood